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COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow
COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow
COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow
COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow
COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow
COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow
COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow
COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow

COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow

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Travelling is always tiring, right? Have you ever got any idea to get some sleep? If so, you might just need something to get you some good sleep. Here we are to introduce this COZY® Hoodie Travel Neck Pillow, just the thing you need for you to relax your neck and shoulders and to cover your eyes during your busy and tiring trip.




We have used the highest quality of materials for our pillow. We added an extra layer of cotton padding on the pillow for the best sleep possible. The material on the hoodie was designed so that light does not come through. This will make it the best travelling pillow. Now, you will never need an eye mask for your trips! Just put your hoodie on and you will no longer see any light. A comfortable touch can relax your body and mind.

  • Convenient Travel Pillow w/ Hoodie: Our travel hoodie pillow is the ultimate travel pillow! Our pillow makes resting and napping much easier and more comfortable. 
  • Drawstring for Adjustments: Our hoodie drawstring will allow flexibility to open and close your hoodie to your comfort.
  • Ergonomic U-Shaped Pillow Design: Our unique design will allow you to sleep in any natural position and still maintain comfort. Perfect for any setting.
  • Multi-Purpose Usage: Whether you are travelling on the road, flying or even working in an office, our travel hoodie pillow is the perfect tool to lay down and get some rest.
  • Lightweight and Portable


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Question: Is this a one-size fits all?

Answer: Everyone will be able to enjoy our hoodie pillow. We have gone through rigorous testing and have found the optimal size for everyone to enjoy. Our size is 33cm (w) 28cm (l) & 11cm (h).

QuestionHow can I clean and wash my pillow? 

AnswerWe made it practical for our customer to wash their pillows. It is machine wash friendly. Simply throw it in with your laundry.

QuestionCan I adjust the size of my hoodie?

AnswerOf course! We have added a drawstring for you to close and open your hoodie to your comfort.

QuestionHow many colors available?

AnswerWe have five different colors, that is black, red, grey, blue and pink.



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